Being a teenager is tough, now more than ever. (Except for the Crusades. Growing up with social media is challenging, but I bet being a teenager and having to participate in the Crusades was tougher.)

So while it's understandable that today's teens might have to blow off some steam, there are some actions for which there are is no excuseā€”and to compound things, some of those actions are also really fucking stupid. And I say this having made some really stupid choices between age 13 and, say, last week.

A group of teenagers, whom I am certain are future Darwin Awards candidates, made such a series of choices last week. If you have children, this is cautionary tale, and will most likely be showing up in future prohibitionist arguments against cannabis legalization.

Last week, Native Roots, a Colorado Springs dispensary, was set upon my some teenagers who probably aren't not taking any AP classes. According to eyewitnesses, at least two teens drove a van through the storefront of the dispensary, tearing through the front foyer and coming to a stop inside the building. They then proceeded to steal the multiple, large glass jars of weed that had lined the now-smashed display windows at the front of the store.

An eyewitness writing down the license plate number of the van had a beer bottle chucked at him in response to his efforts, which leads me to believe that alcohol may have been a factor in this plan. The two teens escaped in a waiting car which witnesses said had two additional teens in it.

The only problem with this modern day Ocean's Eleven was that the jars were filled with oregano. As the dispensary's owner told KKTV-11, they don't put real cannabis in the display windows.

So if you find yourself in Colorado Springs and are approached by teens looking to sell you some "unregulated flower for cheap, bro" that they are calling "Marinara Kush," don't do it.