Lee "Scratch" Perry & Subatomic Sound System
Jamaican reggae producer and dub music pioneer Lee “Scratch” Perry and Subatomic Sound System is touring in celebration of the 45th anniversary of Perry and the Upsetters’ landmark album, 1973’s Blackboard Jungle Dub. I saw Perry at Bumbershoot a couple years back and had a joyous time vibing out to his greatest work and smoking weed in public with the reggae-loving masses. At 82 years old, Lee “Scratch” Perry has still got it. (9 pm, Aladdin Theater, $22-25, all ages) JENNI MOORE

GTFO!!! A Goodbye Show for Caitlin Weierhauser
As Portland’s Funniest Person 2017, host of the I, Anonymous Show, and co-creator of Lez Stand Up, the eternally funny Caitlin Weierhauser is one of the jewels of our local comedy scene—which means OF COURSE we’re losing her to the lure of Los Angeles. But that’s okay, since a talent like this must be shared with the world! Let’s say a bittersweet goodbye to Uncle Cait with her “Breaking Up with Portland” going away show, which will feature loads of terrific stand-up from Kate Murphy, Shain Brenden, Marcus Coleman, Nariko Ott, and more! You will laugh, and probably cry. But mostly laugh! (8 pm, Siren Theater, $15-18) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Gaytheist, Sweet Reaper, Milk Bath, Bothers
If the music of Gaytheist were a vehicle, it would be a semi, late on its delivery, blazing down I-5, the speed limit only a laughable suggestion as the trucker begins to have Tron-like hallucinations from 38 hours of no sleep and caffeine-pill cocktails. With only three members, Gaytheist leaves you wondering how they create such a heavy, intricate layering of sound. (8 pm, High Water Mark, $8) CAMERON CROWELL

A Conversation with Linda Ronstadt
Revolution Hall hosts a big screen multi-media journey through the iconic singer/songwriter/superstar's life, covering her roots in Tucson, her early years with the Stone Poneys, her friendships with Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and Aaron Neville, and some of the many stories behind some of her most beloved songs. (7:30 pm, Revolution Hall, $35-85)

Curse of the Demon
The latest in the Hollywood's "Cinema Classics" series is Curse of the Demon, a startlingly effective hit of psychological horror from 1957, directed by Jacques Tourneur (Cat People). Tourneur wasn't happy about a literal demon being inserted into the film over his protests, but producers at the time figured "It's in the title! The people gotta have a demon!" To the producers' credit, the demon, while kinda chintzy, is fairly unnerving (at first), but to Tourneur's credit, the movie packs the wallop it does because of great performances by Dana Andrews and Niall MacGinnis, and not because there's a literal demon wandering just outside the frame. Anyway, Martin Scorsese thinks this is one of the 10 best horror films ever made, so that's probably all the recommendation you need. 2 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9) BOBBY ROBERTS

Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, Erin Rae
After several fruitful years spent fronting Page France and Cotton Jones, Michael Nau comes full circle on his latest solo record, Michael Nau and the Mighty Thread. With an Americana sheen weighted by heavy lyrics about life, love, existential dread, and everything in between, Nau’s knack for nostalgia-mining is preternatural on tracks like “When,” which wraps a Spector-like wall of sound around a rollicking rock ’n’ roll gem. He’s somehow able to top that with “On Ice,” a song that could be played for about 300 years and never sound old. (8 pm, Mississippi Studios, $13-15) RYAN J. PRADO

Beer + Cider ProAm
DJ LeMix provides the score, Tamale Boy and PDX Sliders provide the grub, and an assortment of Portland's best professional and home-brewers provide the suds. You? You provide the taste buds to help judge who should be duly rewarded with prizes and titles, and you provide the cash to help benefit Oregon Wild. Admission allows samples of all the beer available—no tokens, no tickets, no lines. (noon, Leftbank Annex, $30-40)

Tom Misch, Rob Araujo
The British singer/songwriter and beatmaker brings his live show across the pond for a North American tour supporting his debut full-length, Geography. (8:30 pm, Crystal Ballroom, $25, all ages)

Blesst Chest, Wet Fruit, Inhalant
Portland prog-rock outfit Blesst Chest head up the latest installment of Sunday Sessions at Rontoms in support of their new XRay Records-issued album, Casual Corner. (8 pm, Rontoms, free)

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