As you doubtless know, dear Portlander, our fair city is one of the best cities to live in (and eat in!) for those who enjoy the ethical, physical, and environmental benefits of a healthy diet—and, for one week, it's about to get even better.
Welcome to the Portland Mercury’s Veg Week—a week designed not only for vegans and vegetarians but for all Portlanders who want to enjoy some of the best, most inventive dishes Portland restaurants have to offer! Not only are all Veg Week dishes 100 percent vegan, but they’re also—from October 15-20 only—available for HALF-PRICE!
Check out all of the half-priced vegan entrees here!

Below are a few featured places you'll be able to get the deal. Click the name of the dish for all the details. And say you're attending the Facebook event page for live updates during the #PDXVegWeek! Stay tuned


Noraneko's Vegetable Ramen


Next Level Burger's Crispy Chik'n Farmhouse Caesar


Le Bistro Montage's Vegan Old Mac / Vegan Spold Mac


Ichiza Kitchen & Tea House's Pompoko Ramen


Xico's Macha Nachos


Dinger's Deli Cuban


Sasquatch Brewing's Vegan Elvis

Veg week is brought to you by Portland Veg Fest and Natural Roots. #PDXVEGWEEK

Check out the Veg Week map and plan your route:


And be social! Follow along on Facebook for daily updates and use #pdxvegweek to let us know what you're eating!