City Leaders Raise Constitutional Concerns About Mayor Wheeler's Proposed Protest Rules



The Merc posts so many verbatim cut & paste statements from Eudaly I really gotta wonder if these “reporters” aren’t just her PR flacks.

“City Leaders” is not one do-nothing but says a lot whiny Council person. Last we checked Eudaly isn’t in charge of the Police Bureau, has never offers suggestions for achieving this “balance” in protesting she likes to blabber on about. And bitching about not getting a briefing way ahead of media release is laughable from her considering her office from the moment she was elected and up until two weeks ago with her tenant background check fiasco pretty much constantly releases policy proposals to the media before even approaching other council members about them.

Seriously, at this point Eudaly can stfu about any “City Leadership”, for she really has none to offer.

And really, Merc, we know you are a two bit joke alt weekly and not a legit news organization, but could you at least try to stop being Eudaly’s #1 fan club press release generator and do some, any, basic balanced reporting? You are an immature, unprofessional embarrassment to our city.


MS Healy 3 - Alex Zielinski of the Mercury and Rachel Monahan of the Willamette Week are both notorious for basically being PR mouthpieces for Eudaly and Portland Tenants United. It truly is embarrassing for our longstanding local news outlets that they've sunk to the level of being lackeys for our worst City Commissioner in decades, and possibly of all time.

Relax - it's not about agreeing on viewpoints, it's about preventing inevitable violence that has continued to escalate. Big difference, both from a constitutional perspective and a public administration perspective.