Today the ACLU of Oregon put out a stellar ad featuring the voices of refugees and immigrants who've lived in Oregon since youth. The ad hits the nail on the head, making clear that measure 105 is unjust, fear-based, and just plain cruel.

If passed, Measure 105 would repeal a decades-old immigration law that limits local law enforcement's participation with federal immigration authorities. The 1987 law, meant to prevent racial profiling and stop local agencies from spending their dollars on catching undocumented immigrants, says that no law enforcement can use its funds, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting someone whose only offense is being in the country illegally. A 'no' vote would keep the old law in place, and reaffirm Oregon's status as a "sanctuary state." In 1987, it was passed almost unanimously amongst state lawmakers, with bipartisan support.

Also, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY YOU CAN REGISTER TO VOTE IN OREGON. The deadline is at 11:59:59 PT, and you can even complete your voter registration online. Go do it!