Sativa Science Club

As a regular reader of the Mercury, you are a smarty-pants who already knows everything there is to know about life, including weed. So while YOU know everything, perhaps you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who isn't as knowledgeable about cannabis as you are, and could use some schooling on the whacko tobacco (such as not calling it that—ever).

I first wrote about Sativa Science Club nearly a year ago, and in that year, Sativa Science Club has provided numerous classroom and online opportunities for becoming a Ganja Gallant, and not a Ganja Goofus. (Millennials: Google it.)

But likely your pockets aren't as deep as your thirst for knowledge, and it's not like your parents are going to float you a loan to cover the cost of learning about "the pot weed"—not when you could just do the smart thing, for once, and just take a job as an insurance adjuster like your father and stop all this "canna-bus" nonsense talk.

To help you with this dilemma, Sativa Science Club is celebrating their (just over) one-year anniversary by giving away 25 full-tuition scholarships to their Elevated Advocacy Program for 2019, a $1,500 value per scholarship.

You can enter by signing up for their newsletter and doing some social media stuff that involves posting the answer to the question: "Once you have the education, how are you going to use it to uplift your community?" For the full breakdown on how to apply, check out this Facebook post for all the details.

On November 15, Sativa Science Club will select the 25 winners, who will go on to become Cannabis Advocate Ninjas in their own communities. As Schoolhouse Rock taught us, "Knowledge Is Power!" (Millennials: Google it.)