Courtesy of the Siren

What if an improv performer tried stand-up? Or what if a Nike window dresser tried it? Or, in my case, what if an arts and culture editor tried five minutes in the harsh glow of the stand-up spotlight? Would they have a competitive edge? Probably! Would it be fun to watch? You bet! At least that's what the Siren Theater's Shelley McLendon seems to think.

The Siren has put together a night where comedians and writers—who are already funny or creative in some other aspect of their lives—give stand-up a hard five minute shake. It sounds much less dangerous than your regular open mic night. And... wait for it... I have agreed to give it a try. But I am far from the highlight of the night because McLendon herself is going to give it a go. Jason Rouse, of Nacho Gold, and David Burnett, from D&D Sketch Comedy, will also shoot their shots. Experienced local stand-up Kirsten Kuppenbender will headline and wipe the floor with all of us.

Ever since I was a wee potato, hanging upside down off the back of my parents' couch watching Bob Saget, my life has been building towards this moment. I'm told that I went through a very difficult phase, performing stand-up in front of the red brick fireplace in our house. "It was awful," my mother relates. "But I could see you were working really hard on it."

Here's the full line-up:

Feels Like The First Time- Stand Up Comedy debuts tomorrow night! With six people who know their way around words but who have never done stand up before! Feel the first time with:

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Shelley McLendon (Owner of The Siren Theater, mastermind behind Poltergeist Live, Road House: The Play, The Lost Boys- Live, etc)
Suzette Smith (Arts Editor at Portland Mercury )
Shaun Thomas (Nike window dresser)
Lori Ferraro (Actress, blogger at Drawn to the 80's)
David Burnett (from D&D sketch comedy)
Jason Rouse (Actor, writer, director, member of Nacho Gold sketch comedy)
hosted by Paul Glazier
and headlining will be Lez Stand Up 's Kirsten Kuppenbender who will show the newbies how it's done!

7pm doors, 7:30 show!