For its 30th anniversary, the Hollywood Theatre presents the Tim Burton classic in 35mm... and on Halloween, it'll be preceded by tarot readings and followed by a LIVE SÉANCE! Betelgeuse would approve. (Tues-Wed 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre)

Wild Nothing, Men I Trust
Over the course of nine years and four full-length albums, Wild Nothing has quietly become one of the planet’s great purveyors of pristine dream-pop. This is a credit to the man at the center of the project, Jack Tatum, whose admitted perfectionism manifests itself on every Wild Nothing record, where no note, no beat, no synth is ever out of place. That’s true again on Tatum’s new album Indigo, which polishes up his sound through meticulous production and drapes his songs in a distinctly ’80s vibe. Influenced by artists like Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, and especially Roxy Music, Indigo is a chilly wonderland of taut drumbeats, jangling guitar lines, pastel synth tones, echoed melodies, and stories about the intersection of human nature and modern technology. This is precision-guided retro-pop for the 21st century, made by a guy who knows his way around the microgenre. 9 pm, Revolution Hall, $25-30, all ages) BEN SALMON

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sen Morimoto
Chicago multi-instrumentalist Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is a musical polymath, having been involved with punk and jazz groups, along with his own hip-hop solo project. Ogbonnaya’s fantastic 2017 album Drool is an experimental banger, stacked with millennial rhymes that touch on ego (“Let Go of My Ego”) and slo-mo trippers that showcase his production skills (“Hop Off”) and mumbling poetics (“No Drool”). (9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $10-12) RYAN J. PRADO

Peach Pit, Sun Seeker, Ponytails
Vancouver B.C.'s Peach Pit bring their self-described "chewed bubblegum pop" down the coast for a headlining show supporting their 2017 full-length, Being So Normal. (8 pm, Doug Fir, $12-15)

Chanti Darling
Portland's R&B darling Chanticleer Trü set up shop at the Hoxton to head up the latest installment of the Hoxton's "You Can Sit with Us" series. Enjoy a Q&A with the artist followed by a live set and some Chanti-inspired cocktails. (9 pm, The Hoxton, free w/ rsvp)

Watsky, Feed the Birds, Chukwudi Hodge
The San Fransisco-hailing hip-hop artist, poet, and best selling author returns to the Roseland for the Portland stop on the "Welcome To The Family" Tour. (8 pm, Roseland, $20-22, all ages)

Ezra Claytan Daniels, Ben Passmore
Graphic novelists Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul) and Ben Passmore (Your Black Friend, Dayglo Ayhole) bring the "Team Tan" Tour through Floating World for a live reading, signing, and Q&A session. (6 pm, Floating World Comics, free)

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