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Heartbreak in Pittsburgh: A man shot and killed 11 congregates attending morning Shabbat service at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue Saturday. The suspect, a white nationalist who allegedly told police that "all these Jews need to die," has been charged with 29 federal crimes. State lawmakers and local Jewish leaders have asked Donald Trump to stay away from Pittsburgh unless he denounces white supremacy.

Need a Morning Cry? Pittsburgh's Muslim community has responded to the attack with open arms (and pockets):

Local Hot Take: The day after this vicious attack, the Oregonian ran an editorial praising the leader of Patriot Prayer, our own right-wing extremist group with white supremacist ties. "Great idea!" said nobody. A number of groups are boycotting the O's advertisers until the publication issues an apology and/or retraction.

I have some thoughts.

Today in Senseless Shootings: A student is in the hospital after being shot by another student at a high school in Matthews, North Carolina. (Not-at-all fun fact: My cousins attended this high school).

Plane Crash: An Indonesian plane carrying 189 people crashed into the sea just minutes after taking off from Jakarta. Search and rescue teams have found six bodies—but have yet to find the main wreckage.

Money Moves: San Francisco tech bros are having it out over a ballot proposal that will tax big-earning businesses to fund homelessness solutions in the city (like Portland's Clean Energy Initiative, but for homelessness). It's very fun watching billionaires try to be decent humans.

Soda Tax or Die: Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped a healthy $1.5 million into Oregon's campaignagainst Measure 103—the ballot measure that would preemptively ban state grocery taxes. This comes as no surprise, as the ban would keep Oregon from instituting any future taxes on sodas or sugary foods—which Bloomberg wholeheartedly supports.

Now, for some sorely needed happily-ever-after-fuck-your-class-system romance: