Good Morning, News: Trump Gets Snubbed, Oregonian Backpedals (Again), and It's Halloween OOOoooOOOOOoooohh!



He was asked not to go. His going is an affront to those killed by the man he radicalized. He and his family there for a photo opportunity, refusing to respect the wishes of the victims' families and all of the people who asked him to stay away just proves he does not care about ANYONE. And Ivanka with her fake sad face. She is just as revolting and sick and disturbed as her father. They put stones on the markers of the dead, yet I bet they cannot even state why that is done. And they put flowers on the markers of the dead, which is something that is not done. Also, none of them had their heads covered, which would have been a sign of respect for the dead and the grieving. The man is vile and rude and only went because he didn't want to disrupt HIS schedule of rallies - the same rallies that radicalized the man that took these lives and the same rallies that radicalized the man who sent the bombs. This man is an abomination. His behavior is an affront to humanity.

Also, his tweeting afterwards: Nothing about the victims. No words of comfort for the grieving families or the community, just, the protests against him were “small,” “staged,” and probably fake, and Donald had a lovely time. HE HAD A LOVELY TIME VISITING PITTSBURGH WHERE 11 PEOPLE WERE KILLED BECAUSE OF HIM. What a piece of shit he is.


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@2 seconded.