From Election Night 2016
From Election Night 2016 Erik Henriksen

Dear (Actually) Patriotic Americans!

It is the day we've all prayed for while simultaneously dreading: MIDTERM ELECTION DAY. You've already done your civic duty and voted (YOU HAVEN'T?? OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, USE OUR CHEAT SHEET, FILL OUT YOUR BALLOT, AND TURN IT IN ALREADY—YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK!), so now there's nothing to do but wait and read the Mercury's Election Night Live Blog tonight, starting at 7:30 pm!

The Mercury Election Strike Force will be combing the city, going to all the big election night parties and eating all the appetizers, so they can fairly and accurately report back on the latest election results as well as providing quotes from the candidates and organizers who have skin in the game.

We'll also be providing the latest news and results from elections nationwide to discover if the Blue Wave™ is indeed big enough to crash down on corrupt Republicans who are currently grabbing their luggage full of NRA money and running for their lives. (Fingers crossed!)

The Mercury's Election Night Live Blog is loads of informative fun, so don't miss it, starting tonight, Tuesday Nov 6 at 7:30 pm right here on Blogtown! MUCH LIKE VOTING (which you've already done, right?) IT'S YOUR GODDAMN CIVIC DUTY!