Jordan Schnitzer Says Wapato Jail Won't be Demolished. Yet.



Merc, it would be helpful if you would publish a Yes/No op-ed series from homeless "advocates" and people interested in actually following through with the Wapato idea rebutting those objections, because I honestly have not seen an argument against Wapato that isn't fairly easily rebutted or dismissed.

The current homeless "experts" in our city haven't exactly been doing a bang-up job with their current model, as evidenced by the problem getting continually worse, so I really don't see the harm in trying something new, especially since it would be a voluntary facility. If the homeless don't show up, then shut it down and demolish it down the road. But we've been throwing millions upon millions of tax dollars at other "solutions" that have turned out to be an utter and complete waste of money (the converted strip-club-to-shelter that had to be shut down for safety issues after nearly a million bucks was already wasted comes to mind).

Hell, sponsor a debate at a bar. Go pound the pavement and poll some actually homeless people instead of the "experts" who have their own employment, commute, and funding money biases coloring their position on the matter. I promise, you'll get lots of page views and comments! Win win!