Hundreds Gather to Protest Trump's Latest Threats to the Mueller Investigation



This motherfucker squatting the white house truly believes he is above the law and is doing everything he can to make sure he gets away with all of his crimes. He really, really needs to be taken down. This is not funny and it's not normal and it's not a joke. Trump is a traitor who needs to be held accountable for his crimes against the people of this country, his violation of the oath he took when he accepted the job as president, and the war crimes and crimes against humanity he is responsible for with immigrants and with citizens murdered by radicalized white supremacists. Enough bullshit. Congress needs to do their motherfucking jobs for once in the 20 years. It's really not that much to ask.


Relax, you seem to operate according to the "not counting chickens before they're hatched" school of thought, or perhaps "don't believe Chicken Little when she says the sky is falling." May I suggest you check out the "too late to close the barn door after the horse is stolen" and the "holy fuck, Chicken Little and all those eggs are now in the soup" options? Unless you are literally an ostrich, I think you know the "I've never experienced this, so it doesn't exist" approach is not the way everyone chooses to go, but you've made your preference clear already, OK?


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@ 2, the protest is over a concrete step to obstruct justice, and that's extremely problematic at the national presidential level. If someone walks up to your locked bike with a pair of bolt cutters and starts applying them to your bike lock, do you intervene, or wait to see if they really and truly are going to cut the lock and walk off with your bike?


Not to spoil the party, but all the potheads in Portland do realize Sessions was Legalized Cannabis Enemy No. 1? You can decry Trump messing with the investigation, but why anyone who hates the "drug war" mourns the exiling of Sessions is beyond me. Let's get real -- Trump will not go to jail, heck he'll probably finish his term at the rate we're going. But there are still very strong forces in the U.S. devoted to keeping marijuana illegal, and Sessions was their ally. I call this a blessing in disguise and now forming a Potheads for Putin support group.


Relax, I bet you're also of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" camp, which inevitably never bothers to find out if said thing is broke, because you have no fucking idea how to fix it.
Yeah, protest doesn't change anything and is mostly to make people feel better about themselves. That's true. But that's also not a reason to not do it. And it is a worthwhile thing to let other people know that they are not alone in noting this country being ruled by a bunch of fascist idiots who want to torch the fucking Constitution.

And...don't attend protests because they cause such traffic problems? Shit, gramma? Got any better arguments? Go sniff that good, pure NW air? Sure, that doesn't prevent me from having a political conscience, though. Good thing false dichotomies aren't a real problem for most of us!