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STOP SCARING US LIKE THAT, RBG! Robin Marchant / Getty

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything. But everything means nothing, if I ain't got you. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Joining a nationwide protest, hundreds gathered on the Portland waterfront yesterday to demonstrate against our deeply corrupt president's threats to hobble and stop the Mueller investigation. Our Blair Stenvick was there and has this report.

Yesterday a gunman killed 12 people (along with a sheriff's deputy) at a California country music bar—and many of those present survived last year's Las Vegas massacre, who used the establishment to gather and heal from the trauma. The shooter, who was declared dead on the scene, was a Marine vet with reported mental problems, but so far authorities are unable to determine a motive.

A federal judge in Montana has blocked the Keystone Pipeline XL on climate control concerns, dealing a serious setback to Trump and his pals who are intent on murdering the earth.

In a move that will also (hopefully) be quickly shut down by the courts, Trump has imposed extreme limits on immigrants seeking asylum in America.

Trump's acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker is one hot mess: He's criticized the Mueller investigation in the past, he apparently has some very corrupt friends, and even Kelly Conway's husband is calling the appointment "unconstitutional."

Trump is supposedly looking at his victim of repeated abuse, Chris Christie, to fill Sessions' job permanently.

Just before getting thrown out on his ass by Trump, Jeff Sessions used his power to severely curtail the ability of the federal government to work with cities (LIKE PORTLAND) in overhauling police departments accused of abuses and civil rights violations.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a trip to "authoritarian town" yesterday, when she tweeted out an altered and deceptive video (picked up from Infowars) of CNN reporter Jim Acosta's interaction with a White House aide. That is some deep and disturbing bullshit right there, and (possible unpopular opinion approaching) the White House press corps should band together and walk the fuck out.

The blue wave (which too many are wrongly discounting) just keeps on crashing as recounts are about to kick in for Florida's governor and senate race, the race tightens for Georgia's Stacey Abrams, and Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema has taken the lead over Republican Martha McSally in Arizona. ROLL ON, BLUE WAVE, ROLL ON.

The beloved Michelle Obama has a new autobiography out, and she ROASTS Trump for his birther comments and Access Hollywood tape. It's impossible to love her too much.

EVERYBODY FREAKING RELAX FOLLOWING YESTERDAY'S MOST POTENTIALLY HORRIFYING STORY: Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is "up and working" following a fall which fractured her ribs and briefly hospitalized her. PLEASE STOP SCARING US LIKE THAT.

IN LOCAL NEWS: Mayor Ted Wheeler faced the fury of activists yesterday as the city council heard testimony on his idea to restrict Portland protests.

Last night the Blazers beat the Clippers, 116-105, and you can catch up on all the action with our Arthur Bradford's recap (as well as his halftime fan photos)!

Remember last Tuesday when a local military vet protested the Blazers ties with sniper rifle scope manufacturer Leupold & Stevens during the "Hometown Heroes" tribute? We have an interview with the vet and he makes a strong case for the team dumping these war profiteers.

TODAY IN GOSSIP HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU SAY, "WAIT... WHAT": "Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are engaged."

Now let us examine the WEATHER: A sunny, gusty weekend lies ahead with highs in the mid-50s.

And finally, I don't know about you, but this is exactly how I'm planning to spend my entire weekend: