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Raquel Divar and Cory O, "Runners Anthem," (Dir. Tim Slew)
Yesterday rapper/producer duo Raquel Divar and Cory O released a new music video for "Runners Anthem," a highlight off their recent debut EP The Reign. The duo is known for their dark, bass-centric West Coast sound, and their first single "Vandals" had a shadowy video to match. But "Runners Anthem," sees Raquel and Cory O outfitted in more vibrant colors than we usually see them: Raquel sports super-fly yellow kicks and a yellow-striped jacket, while Cory O drives a bright green whip. (Loving the Oregon Ducks vibes, BTW.) There are also other elements of hip-hop being represented here with a group of b-boys and b-girls getting down in a parking garage that's decked out in gorgeous, colorful graffiti. In addition to the spot-on styling, shots of Raquel hanging out the side of a car and spitting her rapid-fire verses is a really good look. The video is directed by Tim Slew, who also did their previous video "Vandals," and it's already racked up more than a thousand views on YouTube.

Sxlxmxn, "Doin Better," featuring Bocha and Epp
Today hip-hop producer Sxlxmxn (formerly known as Stuart Villain) dropped a one-off single "Doin Better" featuring fellow Portland artists Bocha and Epp. Sxlxmxn has a project coming out through the EYRST label in 2019.

Sxlxmxn Sam Gher

Bocha, who has a forthcoming seven-track project called Maturing As A Nigga (M.A.A.N.) that's completely produced by Sxlxmxn, says "I initially recorded the song with no purpose other than to try a new sound. When Sxl sent me the beat, I thought of the melody and the words came naturally. Then we sat on it for a bit, listened to it again and was like, 'Yo, we need ePP on this!'" EYRST producer Neill Von Talley put some juice on the four-minute record as well.

Vinnie Dewayne, "Losing Direction" featuring Skrap, (Dir. Riley Brown)
Portland- and Chicago-based rapper Vinnie Dewayne has been pretty quiet for the last couple years, ever since the death of his closest friend Zachary Ryan Nold (AKA Grump), who died in a hit-and-run car accident in 2016. Dewayne's social media has since been decked out with "Long Live Grump" messages, and today he finally made his return to music by appropriately dropping a new video for "Losing Direction," featuring Skrap, which pays respect to his fallen friend. The excellent video was directed by Riley Brown, who has been on FIRE lately with creating high-quality music videos for Portland artists. This one is no exception. The video is tight, and quite affecting.