Joey Gibson Asks Patriot Prayer Fans to Buy Him a Car



A white man begging for financial assistance? Must be faKKKe news fer sure. Will he vet all the donors to make sure they are 100% Aryan?


UGH I made the mistake of looking at the GoFundMe page. He has children? They need to be removed from his care immediately. His white supremacist hate and violence is child abuse. Those children need to be saved.


Joey's a state government employee and with all the perks he gets, he can't afford a car? He bought a new car but only had liability? Well, once he retires and gets his taxpayer-funded lifetime PERS benefits, he'll be riding high!


@3 he lives in WA not OR


I would like to ask "Facebook user Kathy Ferrel" why she thinks anything associated with this group should be logically or morally consistent.