Just because the elections are over doesn't mean your civic duty is done. If you have a strong interest in cannabis policy, your city needs you. Consider this the cannabis equivalent of the Bat Signal.

The City of Portland is accepting applications until this Thursday, November 15, to apply for the City of Portland’s Cannabis Policy Oversight Team, the public advisory body for Portland cannabis policy.

I spoke with Brandon Goldner, Coordinator for the City of Portland's Cannabis Program about the Oversight Team, and who they are hoping will apply.

"We want to make sure we’re reaching as wide of an audience with as diverse of perspectives as possible," said Goldner. "We particularly want to reach folks who have been impacted by cannabis prohibition, or are from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition, to let them know about this opportunity. We’re also eager to reach folks with economic development experience, and other skillsets that would help provide value and broader context to advisory body."

So what exactly does the CPOT do? Do they hold two-hour meetings about how to clean bongs, and tips and tricks for rolling the perfect joint? Not at all:

CPOT will consist of cannabis industry representatives and others that possess an in-depth understanding of issues affecting and affected by the cannabis industry. CPOT’s objective is to discuss and develop policies that support equitable access and outcomes for the cannabis industry, cannabis consumers, and all city of Portland residents.

CPOT will meet monthly and generate annual reports to summarize its work for the Office of Community & Civic Life’s Director. Specifically, CPOT will provide input regarding equitable access and outcomes in the following substantive areas:

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Government spending;
Outreach activities; and
Economic development.

All of these are important issues, and working towards improving the city's policies on cannabis is an important undertaking. Plus, I bet they have great snacks, because who the hell has a Policy Team on cannabis and doesn't provide high end munchies? Meetings begin February 19, so your busy holiday schedule is no longer an excuse.

For more information and to apply (by Thursday, November 15), click here.