Today's Must-Read Portland Food Story: How Too Much Acclaim Killed Stanich's



It's a fucking cheeseburger. They kill lots of people. Fewer cheeseburgers is a good thing.


Burgers are the main cause of death for cows. And they’re bad for the planet. If Stanich’s switches to yummy vegan burgers on yummy sprotued whole-grain buns, they’d go back to being a successful local joint that does great things.


I lived behind the owner of Stanich’s for 4 years, and he was a neighbor from hell. Every summer, I had to listen to his loud, racist convos echoing from his backyard pool though my windows all day every day.


The closure of Stanich reflects the slow death of inner se neighborhoods as airbnb hosts push out renters in favor of "food tourists" and other dicks too cheap to stay in a proper hotel. The next recession will have a silver lining: fewer tourists and hopefully some illegal airbnbs in foreclosure. And then we can enjoy our favorite places again.
Yep- I am sick of food tourists. Get an 'effing life that doesn't involve a ginormous carbon footprint so you can enjoy a donut.


"the slow death of inner se neighborhood"

Uh, Stanich's, the original location, has been on NE Fremont for ever. And you could have bought into many of the close-in neighborhoods 10, 15, or 20 years ago with even a small amount of hustle because they were dirt cheap and the writing was on the wall that Portland was getting a lot more popular.


Also, I never understood the hype about those burgers. They weren't that great.


This is what it means to live in portland now. Everything good dies from trend-obsessed hype-victims.


Sure poster #2. Just like all the vegans that flocked to the vegan cafe that recently closed. Portland is littered with closed vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Judging what I've seen on Yelp,
vegans would rather go to a meat based restaurant and bitch about not having any or enough vegan/vegetarian items then support a plant based restaurant.