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Alex Zielinski

Good morning, Portland! Hope you enjoyed the weekend's fleeting warmth, we're back to a high of 53 today. Here's some news to start your day:

No Son Bienvenidas: The "caravan" of Central American migrants traveling to the southern US border have reached Tijuana, only to be greeted by hundreds of angry Mexican nationals. “This is not about xenophobia," one local told the Los Angeles Times. "We are not against immigrants. Most everyone in Tijuana came from somewhere else. But people must come here in an orderly fashion and not try and make trouble.” Sound familiar?

Murder Budz: The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. So why is Trump still BFFs with him?

Votes Are (Mostly) In: Florida Governor/Voldemort doppelgänger Rick Scott has officially won the US Senate race against Democrat Bill Nelson.

Fire Update: The death toll of the Camp Fire, which destroyed an estimated 90 percent of all residential buildings in Paradise, California, has risen to 77. The fire has yet to be contained, and is now burning through national forest land.

But, at least we have this:

How Do Arms Work? Here's a video of Donald Trump standing in charcoaled remains of Paradise, pretending like this isn't the first time he's ever put his hands on his hips. California Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newson are not impressed.

"Nothing on this page is real." Here's a sobering peek into how easy it is for many conservative Facebook-users to believe wildly ridiculous and fake headlines.

Rally Review: On Saturday, Patriot Prayer visited Portland to hold a rally for men who might be falsely accused of sexual assault. Thankfully, only a few dozen folks showed up. A much larger group of counter-protesters—many abuse survivors themselves—drowned out the PP rally with chants and... bagpipe music? The dueling rallies showed us how police don't need Mayor Ted Wheeler's proposed protest ordinance to restrict protesters' movements.

Left Out: An Oregonian investigation has found that the state's attempt to reduce the number of mentally ill patients in state hospitals has placed recently-released patients in grave danger.

Priorit-ICE-d: A jail in The Dalles, Oregon has been releasing convicted inmates to make space for immigrant detainees seeking asylum.

It's International Men's Day. While we all know this day is celebrated every damn day of the year, it's a good moment to remember how our society turns decent boys into toxic men. Tony Porter puts it best: