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Good morning, Portland! Welcome back to the ol' 9 to 5 (that is, for people who have a conventional work week). Today will be drizzly in the mid-50s, the perfect weather for making jokes about how climate change isn't real.

Hot Tip: The White House tried to bury a scientific report on climate change that directly contradicts its own global warming rhetoric by releasing it on Black Friday. Fortunately, not everyone was camping outside of Walmart or creating cherished family memories, and rang the alarm. The fact that this report was even printed, some political nerds say, show that not everyone in the Trump administration is trying to watch the world burn.


Homegrown Homicide: A UN study found that more than half of all women murdered in 2017 were killed by an "intimate partner" or a family member. The vast majority of men were murdered by strangers.

GMO Humans: A Chinese researcher claims he's created the first genetically modified babies, an announcement that's shaken the global scientific community who liken this kind of DNA tinkering to human experimentation.

Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free: US border patrol agents closed the San Ysidro border crossing Sunday and fired tear gas at hundreds of Central American families—including many children—seeking asylum at the Mexico-US border.

In Other Tear Gas News: French police used tear gas and water cannons against citizens protesting the country's rising fuel costs on Saturday.

No Visitors: Indian police hoping to retrieve the body of the 27-year-old missionary who was killed after intruding on members of a North Sentinel Island tribe retreated after being threatened by tribal members. The deceased missionary, John Allen Chau, was from Vancouver, Washington.

Raising the Bar: In case you haven't been following, the Malheur Enterprise is doing some killer work. NPR writes how the East Oregon newspaper's success has bucked the "failing rural journalism" narrative.

Whoops: Oregon officials have failed to provide timely reports on children who've died from likely neglect or abuse for nearly two years, according to an Oregonian investigation.

ICYMI: Ted Wheeler says he knows it's "been a difficult time with everything happening nationally and right here in our city." But... Happy Thanksgiving?