Grand Jury Clears Police Officer in Fatal Shooting of Mentally Ill Man



It's weird how different media outlets report on these things differently. The Mercury sure does like to sugarcoat what the person does... and they love to use hindsight.

Here's a more accurate snapshot of what happened:

"A 30-year-old man who barricaded himself inside a Southeast Portland motel room, holding his girlfriend hostage at knifepoint. The confrontation started after Rice was reported to have pulled a knife on a customer inside a 7-Eleven store. A short time later, Rice grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her into Room 16 of the Del Rancho Motel and held her hostage, threatening her life."

So, dude was out of touch with reality, but seemed to have managed to have a girlfriend, get a knife, and hold said girlfriend hostage? Huh?


I am always glad whenever these guys fail to kill their darlings or complete strangers and random passers-by, but WW and The Merc don't care about collateral damage. Where's that crack team of psychiatrists and social workers who roam the city to make everything groovy by day AND by night? Oh! This is all on Ted Wheeler's head! He's supposed to fix EVERYTHING with a wave of his hand. Let's shut down a city council meeting again -- that'll fix it.


Maybe I'm the crazy one here, but when person A is holding a knife to innocent person B, I want person A to get got.


"911, what's your emergency?"

"There is someone with a deadly weapon threatening the life of an innocent person."

"I'm sorry, caller, we can't respond to this...any action by the police will be protested. Good luck!"