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Heres the best photo of George HW Bush youll see today
Here's the best photo of George HW Bush you'll see today Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images

Climate Chat: Some 195 countries are meeting in Poland this week for the biggest climate conference since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. Prepare for Donald Trump to point at a Poland snowdrift and announce that climate change is a hoax.

Good Athlete, Bad Guy: Neither the police nor the NFL seem concerned about a security camera video of star Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt brutalizing a woman in an apartment complex hallway. Fortunately, his own team cares. Shortly after the video was made public (by TMZ, of course) the Chiefs booted Hunt from the team.

Big Whoop: The US and China have agreed to pause their trade war and (hypothetically) sort out their differences. According to Trump, the deal "goes down as one of the largest deals ever made." Yawn.

Bushed: Oh, George Bush the Elder passed away Friday evening. His death has unleashed a monsoon of sappy essays reminiscing about the good ol' days of the GOP. I guess we've all decided the War on Drugs was a great idea and the AIDS crisis was overblown? Cool cool cool.

The only H Dubya content I am interested in:

Evidence Tho: Neil deGrasse Tyson has responded to rape and sexual harassment claims against him in the most irritatingly science-guy way possible. But, at least he kind of apologized? GOLD STAR.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria:

Justice for Cops: A grand jury has cleared the Portland officer who fatally shot a mentally ill man who was holding a woman hostage—and threatening to kill her—in a hotel room.

*Insert Charming Baseball Metaphor*: Wanting the latest hot goss on the proposed MLB ballpark headed to Portland? Look no further.

Housing > Building Aesthetics: Sorry, neighborhood grumps, Portland City Council doesn't want to pull the plug on an affordable housing complex just because you don't like the way it looks.

It's Like a Murder Podcast, But Print: Here's the first installation of a captivating Oregonian feature on a serial killer who attacked women on a rural stretch of Highway 10.

"Your diarrhea is our bread and butter": Portland is home to the International Outbreak Museum. It looks incredible.