Under Armour Threatens a Small Oregon Business—Because They Can



Thanks Merc. Armour does not equal Armory. Being unacceptably bad does not suport Oregon small business. Maybe Armour needs ongoing Merc scrutiny?


Of all of our fitness apparel overlords in the Pacific Northwest (including the one with the sweatshops, the one that broke college basketball, and the one that left its empty nest in the suburbs to come here and hate the homeless), Under Armor seems to want that "worst" title more than the others.


Cascade Armory -- get some hats with better style bills.

Yours look like MAGA hats without the Trump.

And UnderArmsour (the Pits?!), get a fucking Life.
You don't actually own English -- even if you can't quite Spell.



Well, Starbucks won its suit against Sam Buck's Coffeeshop in Astoria, and somehow the IOCC won its idiotic suit against Olympic Provisions (despite the hundreds of other businesses in the Puget Sound region that use the term "Olympics"), so why the hell would things start making sense now?


I was interested in this story and in supporting this small biz until I saw their disgusting "Armed and Honored CAtech tshirt" featuring a grimacing human skull in a Plains Indian warbonnet/headdress. What kind of message is that sending? Not a cute look.