Since the internet loves year-end lists, we thought we'd share some of our favorite stories from our staff writers and beyond from 2018!

In no particular order:


A profile of Brandon Wolf, a Pulse Nightclub survivor who found purpose in the wake of tragedy.

Eating cannabis edibles for chronic pain.

When we called out the Oregonian for giving Patriot Prayer the “both sides” treatment.

This Dan Pfeiffer interview is still cheering us on and giving us life.

Why Detroiters is (was) the funniest show on TV.

Why idiots on the internet should shut up and let other people live (and leave Star Wars out of it).


An exposé on Portland’s taxidermy addiction.

Our editor-in-chief’s irrational hatred for crossword puzzles (p.s. we have a crossword puzzle now).

We uncovered the artist behind “Woman Seeking Burrito” and she is wonderful.

A reflection on a very sad day for Frightened Rabbit fans, and music in general.

The collected history of Snipe Hunt, the underground magazine that helped shape Portland.

Coverage of the circus that was the Kavanaugh investigation.


The fascinating results of our 2018 Portland sex survey.

A review of The Art of Winnie-the-Pooh: How E.H. Shepard Illustrated an Icon.

That time we attended an exorcism.

An adventure into Rajneeshpuram through Netflix’s Wild Wild Country, one of our favorite documentaries of the year.

When we explored Oregon’s OTHER weird sex cult, the Holy Rollers.

That time we told you not to have kids.

When Vancouver kept sending us alt-right dildos, so protesters sent them back regular dildos.


When we laughed about how wrong early mapmakers in the PNW were.

That time we were all watching porn and a hacker tried to blackmail us for $600.

We had a fucking botanical garden in Director Park for like a hot (and humid) three months.

A review of Annihilation, “the best kind of cinematic experience.”

WHEN PORTLAND COLLECTIVELY SAVED Movie Madness with the help of the Hollywood Theatre.

Our ongoing vinyl column.

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Our review of Flower, a movie about blackmail, blowjobs, and vigilante justice.

When we investigated why Portland is stuck with garbage internet service.

We took someone to see Avengers: Infinity War who had only been to one other Marvel movie. Then we interviewed him! Did he understand it? Answer: It reminded him of Taco Bell!

We saw Hamilton! And it was okay.


Remember when Portland had E-Scooters and EVERYONE had opinions about them?

When we explored the outdoors with unlikely hikers and Jenny Bruso.

The history of how a scandal in 1912 exposed Portland’s gay underground.

Our female staffers' #metoo demands.

A history of how Portland music in the ‘90s set the table for decades to come.

Bring on 2019!