Okay, this is kinda genius.

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Taking the idea of "parental controls" quite literally, a campaign called #OutFoxtheHolidays advises you to fiddle with your parents' cable settings so that Fox News is blocked. It's a simple idea, but an effective one, as the chances are pretty good that if your parents (or grandparents or aunts or uncles or cousins or sad, reactionary nephews) believe the nonsense they see on Fox News, they probably aren't clever enough to figure out the settings on their TV. So a quick click or two will prevent Fox News and its junk propaganda from reaching their impressionable eyes and earholes. (While you're at it, turn off that motion smoothing, too.)

Among other offenses, Fox News gives a mouthpiece to Tucker Carlson, who's currently hemorrhaging advertisers after he said, out loud and on television, that immigrants make the United States "dirtier." It's also the home of Jeanine Pirro, who laughably puts the words "highly respected" in her own Twitter bio (an actual respected person would never need to trumpet this, or feel insecure enough to do so). Just today, Fox News aired a segment cultivating outrage about how gingerbread men are now being called gingerbread people, which is not a real thing. In other words, it's making your relatives dumber.

It's a pretty good jokeā€”but hey, why not put it into practice? Go to the website for detailed, provider-specific instructions on how to disable Fox News from your parents' cable provider and make this Christmas a peaceful, loving holiday for once.