Nearly fifteen years ago a young artist named Chris Savido created a small acrylic on canvas that became known as “Bush Monkeys.” From a distance it was a portrait of President George W. Bush, but as you get closer you can see the image is made up of monkeys swimming in a marsh. It was very controversial, and caused the owners of Chelsea Market to close down an art exhibition. Anonymous donors later paid for a digital billboard over Holland Tunnel to show the painting to the public.

I work at a company that processes and trades scrap metal. We bought—for recycling purposes—around 3,000 individual copper dildo molds of various shapes and sizes. I've enclosed a photo. I personally think it would be a waste to sell these to a consumer and have them melted down, since they could be better used as part of a large and unique sculpture. I am envisioning the dildos in an installation that from a distance appears to be the unmistakable portrait of President Trump, but as you get closer you can see the image is really made up of hundreds or even thousands of dildos.

Do you know any artists out there that can make this vision a reality?

Trump Dildos

Bush Monkeys! I'd completely forgotten about the controversy over Chris Savido's completely innocuous painting—so thanks for the brief trip down Repressed Memory Lane, TD.

And, man, that's some photo you enclosed...


Unfortunately, TD, I don't know any portrait artists who work with copper dildo molds. It's a rather unique medium. But I'm posting your letter (and the enclosed photo) in the hopes that someone out there reading this is an artist capable of executing your vision or knows of an artist who would jump at the chance of creating a giant (and news-making) portrait of Donald Trump out of old copper dildo molds. You'd need a large space for this installation—viewers would have to stand the fuck back for the copper dildos to fade and the Orange Dildo to emerge. But, holy crap, who wouldn't want to see that? Besides Donald Trump, of course, and all of his co-conspirators, inducted and un-indicted. The media interest would be huge. (Fox News—home to several dozen of Donald Trump's un-indicted co-conspirators—will certainly cover it.)

If you are that artist or know that artist, send an email to and I will put you in touch with the letter writer.


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