Patriot Prayer Rallies Outside Union Headquarters, Spouts Hate Speech



PP is so 2018.

And a memo to that "Tiny" dude: We can't miss you if you won't go away.


Do these Patriot Prayer types have jobs? For guys who complain about being oppressed, they sure seem to have a lot of free time on their hands.


Wizard you know that meth don't sell itself. (Well okay it does but it still requires someone to package it.)


So this officially ends the "It's about free speech" argument from Patriot Prayer, right? Attempting to hijack a meeting that A) The public isn't part of and B) Takes place on private property isn't about "free speech" whatsoever. This is biker-gang shit, and PP and its stooges have been a gang for some time now.


it's real easy for the mayor to deal with PP, it's called tell the police dept to do it's fucking job. These asshats starts fights every time and there's plenty of video of it. Tell the fucking police dept it's time to start an investigation and issuing warrants.


Maybe if we didn't hire so many police from WA state?
Our police should at the very least live in Oregon, if not PDX.