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Somewhere off of SE 82nd Ave today.
Somewhere off of SE 82nd Ave today. BLAIR STENVICK

Good morning, Portland! The snow has descended, the temperature is below freezing, and the cars are crashing.

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Here are the headlines!

Surely This Will Get 'Em: Trump's inaugural committee has been ordered to fork over its documents to the feds. This is significant because that committee processed a lot of unaccounted-for money, and may have served as a money laundering scheme and/or Russian pay-off mechanism.

It Wasn't Me: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam still hasn't resigned, though it's now been several days since a yearbook photo of him in blackface surfaced. Amy Davidson Sorkin breaks down his feeble defense at the New Yorker.

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No One Turned Away: Multnomah County opened extra homeless shelters due to the freezing weather last night. If you need a warming center today or tonight, you can find info here.

Catch-82: 82nd Ave is owned by the state, which keeps it from getting some much-needed TLC. A new bill in the Oregon Legislature could change the fate of 82nd, and a lot of roads like it.

Take Down This Sign: A majority of Portland City Council commissioners are now on the record as being against the city's new earthquake-unsafe plaque ordinance, the Portland Tribune reports. There's a strong coalition of businesses and community groups, including the NAACP, that also oppose it.

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Crossing the State Line: A new report from OPB sheds light on a disturbing trend: Oregon's foster system is so overwhelmed that we're sending foster kids—often the most vulnerable ones—to other states.

Factory Town: The Oregonian has been reporting on a possible new Intel factory in Oregon, and the company confirmed its plans yesterday. The new semi-conductor factory will be in Hillsboro, near the company's other Oregon sites.

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