Portland Black Film Festival: Sign O' the Times
Purple Rain was one of the five biggest things to happen to pop-culture in the '80s. This is undeniable fact. Also undeniable: None of why it resonates has anything to do with its qualities as narrative fiction. Purple Rain is, of all Prince's stabs at storytelling through cinema, best described as "the least half-assed." This is why Sign O' the Times is such a treasure—Sign O' the Times doesn't want to tell you a story, it wants to stand next to Stop Making Sense and then blow it off the stage if it can, and almost all of Prince's effort (and it's a lot) is devoted to that goal—well, that and moving more copies of the accompanying album, which never sold anywhere near as well as it should have. Watching him in his prime, devoted fully to his performance, in 35mm on a giant screen? This is as close to resurrection as you're gonna get. (Sat 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9) BOBBY ROBERTS

Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap
With admission only a buck, it's hard to justify not swinging by Frankenstein's Comic Book Swap—which returns this weekend to take over the Eagles Lodge with table after table and crate after crate of classic comics, weird old magazines, battered VHS tapes, dog-eared paperbacks, creepy toys, and all sorts of half-forgotten pop-culture ephemera. Chances are good you'll find something you had no idea existed, and chances are also good you'll end up taking it home. (Sat 11 am, Eagles Lodge, $1-5, all ages) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Sad Horse, Cay Is Okay, Whisper Hiss
Sad Horse makes some of the best punk to come out of Portland since Dead Moon’s heyday. It’s clear Elizabeth Venable and Geoff Soule draw creative inspiration from Fred and Toody—their releases play like short jolts of unbridled weirdness (“You Are Idiots” and “Old Daze”) cut with sweet, jangly duet interludes (“If I Was a Duck”). (Sat 5 pm, Green Noise Records, free) CAMERON CROWELL

Year of Asé
Ori Gallery, a North Portland space dedicated to showcasing the art of Black, Indigenous, and POC artists, is celebrating one year of steadfast work! Join them at this gathering of creatives and community partners, with plenty of fundraising opportunities to directly support their work. Enjoy performances by experimental Afro-Latinx musician, Guayaba, DJ Larsupreme, and House of Flora’s Bouton Volonté, and hosting by Carlos the Rollerblader. (Sat 6 pm, Disjecta, free) EMILLY PRADO

On Drugs, Boink, Ah God, Jo Passed
A release party for On Drugs' second LP, the cleverly titled Uckhole, Futah, with support from some of their weirdo friends including Boink, Ah, God, and Jo Passed. (Fri 6:30 pm, American Legion Local 134, $8)

Deathlist, Abronia, John-Paul Harrison
Jenny Logan brings her punk and gloomy pop band Deathlist back to the Fixin' To to celebrate the release of A Canyon, the project's third full-length in as many years. Local experimental outfit Abronia and John-Paul H (featuring members of Deathlist, Wet Fruit, and Divers) round out the proceedings. (Sat 9 pm, The Fixin' To, $7)

King Ghidora, The Critical Shakes, Completely Detached
Originally from outer space but now living in McMinnville, King Ghidora are a masked quartet that make real-deal surf-rock that falls in line with that genre's traditions: roiling drums, waves of reverberant electric guitar, occasional theremin appearances, and no vocals. They call it "sonic surf rock." You might just call it fun, at least for a night. (Sat 8 pm, Twilight Cafe & Bar, $7) BEN SALMON

Tropitaal: A Desi-Latino Soundclash
DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid set the Goodfoot floor on fire with a night of Tropitaal, blending the hottest sounds of India and Latin America together into one epic dance party. (Sat 9 pm, Goodfoot, $8)

Shadowgraphs, Plastic Cactus
Portland quartet Shadowgraphs head up the latest installment of Sunday Sessions at Rontoms with their pop-tinged neo-psychedelia. Likeminded locals Plastic Cactus round out the bill with their own sun-drenched psych and surf. (Sun 9 pm, Rontoms, free)

Kulululu, Human Ottoman
Portland art-punk outfit Kulululu and cello-driven industrial dance band Human Ottoman combine forces for a special performance of Steve Reich's "Drumming." (Sun 8 pm, Mississippi Studios, $7-10)

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