Queer Portlanders Shaken By Reports of Anti-LGBTQ Violence



This was done by pratriot ptayer and proud boys. Coward joey gibson posted a threantening statement that he and his KKK friends are takimg pictures of those at antifa events and taking names. Does not get any clearer that this is white racist vancouver pratriot prayer anc proud boys scum


This is barely a news article. You have so little definite information why did you even publish it?


@Berny5 The article is in Blogtown. This is one of the better sources of information on the subject right now. Anything is better than nothing for some of the community and it needs to be reported on. Don't be a butt.


I eagerly await the presentation of actual evidence.


This tranny is packing steel and I got no problems killing a transphobe. Self defense motherfuckers.


Ridiculous article. Who gets "shaken" by two incidents which we don't know what really happened. You refer to "survivors" as if it was a mass casualty event. You infer that queer people are super fragile and sensitive. I am neither.