Mayor Wheeler Stands By Criticism of Cop's Texts, Despite Police Union Grievance



Seems to me the apparent utter lack of corresponding messages to antifa leaders is a signal as well.


@ #1, there was regular communication with someone in the Antifa circles for awhile, but that ceased once it was discovered she was communicating with police and was ousted from the group.

At the end of the day, the general notion of police communicating with the leaders of protest and other activist groups is a good thing for the purposes of protest/crowd management and safety. The problem here is that the cop in question went way beyond that, in a manner that strongly indicates inappropriate coordination with such a group and tacit support for their behavior and methods, which is not at all what we want from our law enforcement. Particularly advising how known violent offenders could avoid arrest on outstanding warrants. That alone should be grounds for investigation, if not outright termination.