Just like Seattle ~ influx of rich tech bros and other white wealthy people and the hate crimes start going up up up. It's like Portland is Seattle 2.0. Everything that has happened in Seattle is or is going to happen here (except it's not Amazon). And even though Portland has a front row seat to EVERYTHING that has happened in Seattle, they have allowed EXACTLY the same thing to happen here. Why?


The community does not trust the Portland Police because of observational circumstantial evidence of how the Portland Police deals with the Proud Boys. And let there be no doubt that it is the Proud Boys involved in these attacks. The last I heard yesterday was that there had been 15 attacks in the past few weeks. Now with the text messages between Portland Police and the Patriot Prayer assholes have been released there is even less trust. I truly believe Mayor Wheeler and Chief Outlaw have been outright lied to which does not lessen their responsibility. The history of this behavior within the Portland Police has a many decades long history. Just within my lifetime I remember the dead possums on the black business front porch and the "Smoke 'em Don't Choke 'em" t-shirts. If you were not a white, privileged, individual, would you trust the Portland Police enough to call them?


Turquoise Shell2: Nobody should take a self hating gay person seriously in this context, for an example take a look at the log cabins republicans.


I am not an admirer of police, but please. If someone assaults you, call the police and then if you don't like how they handled it, bitch about it then. Either call the police or carry a weapon with you, but do something. What this type of behavior does is encourage more violence against gays.


So you just negate their whole existence because they made different decisions in life than yourself?


How was this story independently verified? Asking for a friend. cc:Dissenter


@3: You know what would make subjects feel safer? If they had a Kapo in the Warsaw ghetto they could report issues to!

Jesus Christ, you yuppies have no idea what's going on in the real world.

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