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Good morning, Portland! Grab your mug of hot brown stuff and watch the cold white stuff slowly disappear from the city streets.

Here are the headlines.

Drought Watch: Late-winter snow storms have helped a lot, but the Pacific Northwest could still be staring down the barrel of a drought.

No Love Lost Here: As social media reports of anti-LGBTQ violence continue to circulate, the queer community isn't in any rush to report their attacks to the police. Here's why.

I Guess This Is Our Vietnam? Trump landed in Vietnam yesterday for a nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump is reportedly "desperate for a win."

Public Discourse: Michael Cohen, Trump's former fixer, is expected to publicly testify in front of Congress tomorrow.

Under Control: Back to local news—the New York Times has taken notice of a rent control bill currently working its way through the Oregon Legislature.

Shaky Ground: Portland's earthquake-unsafe placarding ordinance has caught a lot of controversy since city council passed the original version in October. We take a wide-angle look at the context and possible outcome—and how it's reminiscent of Portland's racist history.

I Knew Amtrak Was Slow, But...An Amtrak train carrying almost 200 people has been stranded near Eugene since yesterday morning, after hitting a tree on the train tracks.

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