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Art of the Deal: Trump has left his second summit meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un ahead of schedule, boldly deciding to "walk away" from a deal that never existed. The nuclear negotiations remain in a standstill: Kim won't denuclearize North Korea until the US drops sanctions against his country.

Cohen Explains It All: Trump blamed some of the summit's failures on yesterday's distraction on Capitol Hill, where his former lawyer and gofer Michael Cohen ratted out his longtime boss before heading to prison. In short, Cohen doubled down on the allegations that Trump told him to pay off women he had affairs with, explained how Trump made him threaten Trump's alma maters to not release his shitty test scores, and detailed how Trump falsely inflated his assets to serve his interests.

*Long Sigh*: Congressman Mark Meadows temporarily derailed the hearing to throw a tantrum about being accused of the most basic form of racism—using a Black woman who worked with Trump to prove that Trump wasn't racist. Look at this fragile snowflake of a man lose it when Rep. Rashida Tlaib calls him out:

Beto Watch 2020: Sources close to Congressman Beto O'Rourke told the Dallas Morning News Wednesday that Beto won't be challenging Texas' senior Senator John Cornyn in 2020. But! O'Rourke did tell the DMN that he and his wife "have made a decision about how we can best serve our country" and they are "excited to share it with everyone soon." Commence: Wild speculation! According to a recent poll (I know, I know, never trust polls), Beto has a solid chance of winning Texas in a 2020 presidential race against Trump.

One Step Forward: The Supreme Court has ruled that if someone on death row with dementia can't understand the reason for his execution, killing the prisoner is unconstitutional, deeming it "cruel and unusual punishment." This vote cements Chief Justice John Roberts' new role as SCOTUS' swing vote.

Two Steps Back: Leaders of the United Methodist Church (the third-largest faith community in the US) voted yesterday to bar LGBTQ people from joining the clergy and suspend any clergy members who officiate a same-sex marriage.

In City Hall: Portland City Council voted yesterday to extend the deadline for owners of earthquake-unsafe buildings to stick a warning on their property—or fix the building. Commissioners also voted to include atheists and agnostics as a protected class under local civil right protections.

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PPA Bats Last: A proposed bill meant to strengthen Portland's ability to discipline police officers might not change anything, thanks to the police union's iron grip.

Patriot Prayer Indictment? We're expecting an indictment against Patriot Prayer's Tusitala “Tiny” Toese and another Proud Boy for jumping out of a truck and assaulting a member of the public. (It's not the first time the easily-enraged Toese has assaulted someone).

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