Proposed Bills Aim to Limit Transit Cops' Authority



I hold a belief that a consistent and strict fare violation enforcement, exclusion circumvention and trespass enforcement may help reduce the mobility of graffiti vandals, panhandlers and trouble causing transients.

When you check names on those who have been brought in for committing graffiti crime or transients who have made the name for drug law violations, many have fare violations with both of these statuses: FAILURE TO APPEAR and DEFAULT.


If there's something the Portland area transit system desperately needs, it's...

checks notes

...even less security and enforcement?

This is moronic. Might as well just make the whole system free if there is no mechanism for fare checks or enforcement.


Some of you maybe aware that our city was featured in National Graphic show Drugs, Incorporated. In the episode called Dopelandia, here is the impact of TriMet MAX on drug activity: narrator says

"Dealers are taking advantage of cheap public transportation. Drug hotspots have mushroomed along the MAX line where dealers make their deliveries to users."

Street crime unit officer said of Pioneer Square" They panhandle here to make their money to get their drugs."