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Doug Brown

'Bout Time: Democratic candidates for president have (finally) begun standing up for Rep. Ilhan Omar and her valid critiques of Israel leadership that have been gaslighted as anti-Semitic by the GOP.

Her Too: Arizona’s newest Senator Martha McSally made news yesterday after sharing that she’d been sexually assaulted and raped while serving in the US Air Force. McSally bravely detailed her traumatic story during a Senate Armed Services subcommittee hearing on sexual assault in the military, where she described a "broken system."

Big Brother on the Border: Documents obtained by an NBC station in San Diego show that the feds had monitored journalists, attorneys, and immigration advocates working along the border.

Dear Future Historians: 2019, in a nutshell:

RIP Richardson: Lawmakers, family members, and the public gathered at the Oregon Capitol Building yesterday for the funeral of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. Richardson died last week from brain cancer, a diagnosis he announced less than a year ago. It’s still unclear who will fill the seat Richardson, the only Republican holding statewide office, leaves behind.

Campus Cops: Newly released city data shows something Portland Public School student activists and allies have suspected for some time: That Portland police officers arrest a disproportionate amount of Black students on PPS campuses compared to their white peers.

About That Budget: The city data also reveals that city council’s big push to increase the number of cops during last year’s budget negotiations—promising faster response times—did nothing to improve how quickly police officers respond to 911 calls.

Police Blotter: Yesterday was a particularly shitty day for Portland police, thanks to two genuinely terrifying incidents. The first: A man in mental health crisis voluntarily asked to be taken to the hospital, but then took control of the ambulance he was being transported in and crashed it into three cars on 82nd Ave. Not long after, another man was found running around near Hosford Middle School naked and waving a hatchet. He ended up stabbing an officer in the hand with a knife before being taken into custody.

Now What? Rumors started flying last week that Purdue Pharma—the evil group who got the world addicted to OxyContin—might file for bankruptcy. How will that impact the federal case Oregon has filed against the pharmaceutical villain?

Damnit, Trebek: Yesterday, Alex Trebek announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Instead of showing that bummer video, here's an important clip of Trebek getting a Metallica makeover.