"What you need to know," says Elinor Jones, "is that Captain Marvel is a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, and MCU movies are generally good-to-excellent, and Captain Marvel is no different. It’s smart, funny, and deliriously self-aware, and there are a bunch of cool explosions. It is an all-around successful comic book movie, like the 5,000 MCU movies that came before it. It’s great! There you go! Review over!"

Oh, and there's also the fact that Captain Marvel is "the first Marvel movie centered on a woman," Elinor adds. "In that sense, this is different from the stuff that came before it! It’s even better!"

All of Hollywood's other major movies are hiding like little baby cowards from the box-office might of Captain Marvel (as they should), but there are a slew of other screenings in town:

The Portland International Film Festival continues, and Mercury Senior Editor Ned Lannamann has his picks. Here are the festival's complete listings.

As Senior Editor Ciara Dolan recently wrote, the Hollywood Theatre's Feminist March series is in full swing, with Legally Blonde, The Haunting, Hidden Figures, and Alien: Resurrection. Complete listings are here.

The Academy Theater has Sunset Boulevard, which, like the best Billy Wilder movies, basically never gets old. Well worth seeing on a big screen, if you haven't already. Or if you have.

Oh, and for better or worse, Gaspar Noé's back, with Climax, playing this weekend at Cinema 21. Robert Ham calls it Noé's "most entertaining and palatable film, in spite of his usual predilections for both pretension and forcing his female characters to suffer constant violence and abuse."

There are even more things to see, as always, and here are your trusty movie times.