With a Vote Looming Next Week, KMHD's Future Looks Bleak



I too am phased, as I sometimes am when entering a new faze, but that's just me.


Let's take Kenny Polson's analogy about a car. It is more like they had an old race car with a bad driver that was losing every race. They found someone who could fix it up and put a pro driver in it . It worked. Now they want to take the car back and put an amateur driver in it. Do they have the right? Sure, the contract is expiring. Whether they should, however, is another question.


It's more like they loaned out their bullshit hoopty, the community put together $ and money and traded it in for a fine german automobile, and now you want to claim all that as your own. GTFO Polson.


"time" and money. Duh.