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Winning! (Except for the 63 times in court he didnt.)
Winning! (Except for the 63 times in court he didn't.) Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! He knows dirty secrets that I keep, does he know it's killing me? He knows, he knows, does he know? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Over the past two years, Trump administration policies have been overturned in federal court a whopping 63 times. How come? Because they don't give a shit about process and think they're above the law.

To the surprise of absolutely NO ONE, the White House has missed their deadline to turn over records to Democrats who have launched an investigation into Trump's dirty deals. But it's not like he's trying to hide anything, right?

Related: Mueller's team has asked for an extension to release sealed records from the Paul Manafort case requested by the Washington Post, citing a "press of other work." (In other words, we probably won't see a Mueller report anytime soon.)

Tangentially related: Trump is going nutz right now (probably due to Mueller's ever-tightening investigation) and is lashing out at very strange targets—including aide Kellyanne Conway's husband.

Authorities around the world are casting a suspicious eye on the FAA's approval of Boeing jet software that led to recent fatal crashes.

The FDA has approved a drug that can help women with postpartum depression that works within 48 hours. YAY! But... it costs up to $35,000? WHAAAAT THAAAAA FAAAAAACK??

After rightly being accused of bias, the always despicable Facebook has agreed to stop allowing advertisers to show their ads specifically to people of certain ages, genders, or races.

Victims of the Christchurch massacre are being buried today, as police reveal the gunman was planning a third attack before being arrested.


IN LOCAL NEWS: Russell Courtier—a white supremacist who was charged with the racially-motivated killing of 19-year-old Larnell Bruce—has been found guilty on three charges, including first-degree murder. Our Alex Zielinski reports.

A new report tells us (and the cops) what we've all suspected: The relationship between the public—particularly people of color—and the Portland Police is fraught with distrust.

Local restaurant Little Big Burger is unionizing, but it looks like the management isn't ready to recognize the union... yet. Alex Zee investigates!

Looks like Stanich's—the Northeast burger place that caused a lot of media consternation earlier in the year—is open again with limited hours. Our Ned Lannamann has the story!

Yet more burger news (by association): Funemployment Radio podcast host Greg Nibler was carjacked in a Burgerville drive-thru in Southeast. The assailant was arrested and thankfully Nibler was uninjured.

EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Michelle Obama was in town yesterday! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Now let's peer skyward at the WEATHER: Another goddamn glorious day with a high of 70—but enjoy it, because rain returns Friday!

And finally, are you currently running from the cops? Let this parkour expert show you how to escape... in style!