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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden Kai Schwoerer / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Did you see the Super Worm Moon last night? Do you miss the good old days was a full moon was just a fuckin' full moon, no descriptors like "super" or "blood" or "worm" needed? It's like, wake me up when there's another eclipse and Oregon's in the path of totality, am I right???

Here are the headlines.

These Parts Sold Separately: Taking its queue from toy companies that advertised on Nickelodeon in the 90s, Boeing apparently sells some plane parts separately—and the jets that have recently crashed were reportedly missing two safety parts that the company sells as "extras."

Looks Who's Talking! Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a sexual harasser, asked a question in court for the first time in three years yesterday. The question was about whether lawyers ought to be able to keep Black people off of juries.

Dispatches From a Semi-Functional Society:

Fire Springs Eternal: Yesterday was the first day of spring—and it also saw the first Oregon wildfire this year. It was at the North Santiam State Recreation Area, a fishing and camping spot located to the south of Highway 22.

Things You Already Knew: A new report provides data to back up what's long been apparent: Portlanders have trouble trusting our police bureau. One telling stat: 73 percent of those surveyed believe Portland police "consider race and ethnicity when enforcing the law."

Power of Attorney: Portland City Council passed an ordinance yesterday giving the city attorney more power. Specifically, the attorney will now be able to represent city commissioners, employees, and police officers who are personally threatened because of their jobs. The move comes during a period of increased harassment for city commissioners.

Big Money, No Whammies: Fun fact: I make more money at the Mercury than Oregon legislators get paid for their work! Now some in Salem want to change that, so that people who aren't independently wealthy and don't have lucrative day jobs can afford to run for public office. Fair!

Health Headquarters: The Multnomah County Health Department began its migration to its new headquarters in Old Town yesterday. Employees are moving from its old headquarters on SW Harvey Milk, which was apparently “cramped, inefficient and technically obsolete."

Art Is So Taxing: Every year, the Portland arts tax thingie arrives in your mailbox. Maybe you pay it, maybe you toss it, maybe you turn it into art as an evocative statement on late-stage capitalism! But where does the money go? Alex Zielinski reports.

"I grew up spending summers and the holidays with my uncle..." If you read that quote in a deep, unnerving baritone in your head, then you'll want to read this.