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The Barr Report: The long-awaited Mueller report is finished and, according to Attorney General William Barr (who?) it shows that Donald Trump didn't help Russia tinker with the 2016 US election. It doesn't, however, exonerate Trump from obstructing justice. Do with that information what you will.

Ripple Effect: Two student survivors of last year's school shooting in Parkland, Florida have died from suicide in the past week. The tragedies have sent emergency responders to the state legislature demanding more mental health funding for the school's shooting survivors.

Upset in Algeria: Did you know that the president of Algeria has been paralyzed and mute for six years, leaving most of the country's decision-making up to big business leaders? I DID NOT. It's no wonder, then, that activists are calling for his resignation and a total facelift to the crumbling government.

Absurdity 101: The governor of Mississippi, where only one abortion clinic currently operates, has passed a bill banning abortion before a women might even know they’re pregnant.

Disaster News: A cyclone whipping across southeastern Africa left 600 dead. Meanwhile, extensive flooding in South Dakota has stranded those living in an American Indian reservation from food and water.

Four Wheel News: Oregon gas stations across the state might offer a a self-pumping tank if this state bill passes.

Two Wheel News: Electric scooters could be coming back to Portland as soon as April 26—but they'll return with a tighter set of restrictions, fees, and laws.

Sportsball News:Blazers win! Ducks win!

Free to Go: Two Portland African American leaders have been acquitted by a Multnomah County judge for charges of sexual abuse.