A Pitch to Bring Equity to Rental Screening Process Heads to City Hall



Has there been any kind of study of how many mom and pop landlords are selling their rental houses (thereby reducing the supply of rentals) in response to all of these new regulations?


Have there been any studies on how frequently trade groups representing large institutional landlords trot out the dwindling "mom and pop landlords" as convenient props to rationalize their horrible treatment of renters?

I say a lot.


I'm in support of this, with most places requiring a 3x income to rent ration, no minimum wage or working class person can afford to even have a studio apartment by themselves. $15 an hour at 40hrs a week is only $2,400 a month which means any housing over $800 a month is a non-qualification. I haven't seen a studio for less than $1,000.


Don't worry Eph, Chloe is going to give you what you want. That's pretty clear. My point was that I personally know three mom and pop landlords who have sold their single family rental homes in Portland in the last 6 months in response to all of these extra regulations. Those homes are now owner occupied; thereby reducing the supply of rental homes. I would bet money many other have or are doing the same. The folks in charge are apparently fine with this. So be it.


Oh I get your point... Any attempt to protect renters will cause people who are making money hand over fist to suddenly get out of the business and go someplace else.

So tell us more... You "personally" know "three mom and pop landlords" who got out. So that would be six people who you say sold their rentals because of burdensome liberal regulations.

I say bullshit.

How about you send the names of these six people to Alex Zelinski so she can talk to them and finally tell their story, which apparently the liberals have heretofore covered up.



"Instead of just saying they're not biased," Black says, "landlords will have to prove it."
So a private property owner will be unable to choose for themselves who they do business with and entrust their assets to, but instead must prove a negative? This is what happens when you have amateur ideologs running departments.


"Instead of just saying they're not biased," Black says, "landlords will have to prove it."
So a private property owner will be unable to choose for themselves who they do business with and entrust their assets to, but instead must prove a negative? This is what happens when you have amateur ideologs running departments.


Wow. Really classy Euph. Not sure how three turns into six but I guess that makes sense in your world. If you think mom and pop landlords are making money "hand over fist" then that tells me everything I need to know about your knowledge of this topic.


LOL, finally Euphonius called out for being the verbal abuser he is. Tends to happen when people argue from ideology over personal experience.

Would Jamey Duhamel send her children to a daycare where the provider was not allowed to screen its caretakers for a similar criminal history?

Tenants in multi-unit complexes tend to be extremely appreciative when the property owners/managers screen heavily in choosing who else gets to live with them in those complexes. This is about safety, not greed.

And why would any landlords talk directly with Alex Zielinski? Her bias is obvious, and any resulting article would simply be a platform for PTU to launch a harassment campaign.


"A 2018 study by the Oregon Fair Housing Council found that Portland landlords treat one in four prospective renters differently based on that person’s race or national origin."
Nope, that's not what it says. The funny thing is this language is also in the "Whereas"'s of the ordinance itself and it is completely incorrect.
What the study says is " In addition to tests detailed in this report that indicate positive for different treatment based on race/color, reports of fair housing violations to our housing discrimination hotline from within the city of Portland based on the protected classes of race or color make up nearly one in four of the allegations of fair housing violations." --- So race or national origin is ALLEGED as the motivation for ALLEGED discrimination by someone actually filing a complaint and representing only one side of the story.
As for the tests detailed in the report? 4 out of 45 indicated the possibility of discrimination based on race or national origin.

It's important to check references instead of just repeating statistics because they support your preferred narrative.


I am not sold on this 7 years from sentencing part. I mean someone could commit a very serious violent crime be jailed for 10 years and then immediately upon release they would have to be rented to by anyone using the low barrier metric, Whereas a lower level non violent felon that only served 1 year in jail would spend the next 6 excluded from housing. That just doesn't make sense. The period of time should be from when they are released not when they were sentenced. Prove you aren't re offending for some period of years, not just well I didn't murder anyone else while I was in prison.


Man, am I glad I’m not renting out my place anymore, with all of this thrashing around. Besides, if more people sell their rental units then there will be more home owners, which usually take care of their property better than renters.


I currently work 2 part-time service gigs for about 35 hours a week and have been denied at multiple RV parks for a pad to put my trailer because of my income and a forced eviction in '18 (after I'd been hit by a car my landlord served a 30-day no cause on me as soon as I got home from the hospital, which I fought and lost). LastWeekTonight did a piece on mobile home parks (4/7) and it's the same story, big firms have bought all the RV parks and treat them like high-end rental properties. The effect is that even people who technically have a place to live are forced to park on the street because its $600 a month plus utilities plus deposits and all kinds of extra fees and you've got to prove 3 or 4x that income.
Meanwhile I've got to dodge the parking police because locals hate it when I park my nice trailer by a park they like, even though I've got a nice rig and don't post up in front of people's houses. Over the years I've paid more than $120,000 in rent - paying off other people's mortgages in the process - and now have almost nothing to show for it, and these landlords act like it's out of the question to provide real service for all the moeny they take. They'll spend that money to keep their control, on eviction lawyers and court cases, and then raise the rents some more. And this isn't even talking about the private/home renters, who have even more leeway to treat renters poorly. It's absurd.