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Trump and Netanyahu: best buds.
Trump and Netanyahu: best buds. ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES

Good morning, Portland! It's time to collect yourself, take a long, dramatic sip of the beverage of your choice, and greet the day.

Here are the headlines!

It's All An Act: Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen resigned yesterday. After she officially leaves at the end of the week, three of Trump's Cabinet members will be "serving in an acting capacity," reports NPR.

Same Shit, Different Country: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political party has admitted to secretly filming polling stations that serve the country's Arab community. The party claims it was trying to expose voter fraud—doesn't that sound familiar?

Tech Won't Save Us: The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing this morning on the rise of white nationalism, and the role tech companies like Facebook and Google have played in spreading it—and how they can help moving forward.

"Hostile Work Environment": The president of the Portland police union is blaming the Portland Police Bureau's poor recruitment numbers on an "intense anti-police sentiment in our City that City Council seems to share." City economists, on the other hand, blame the problem on the bureau's glacially slow hiring process.

Eat It: The Burgerville Workers Union grew by two locations last week, bringing the number of unionized restaurants to five. It's a significant victory, considering Burgerville's strong anti-union campaign.

"News To Me!!" Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality isn't prepared to respond to a massive oil spill—in fact, it doesn't even know when oil is passing through the state, OPB reports.

Homegrown Hate: The double-murder trial for Jeremy Christian, the alleged killer in the 2017 MAX stabbings, won't be moved to another county, a Multnomah County judge decided yesterday. Christian's lawyers had argued that it would be impossible to find an unbiased jury in Portland, given how much attention the stabbings received here.

What About the Children? Governor Kate Brown is trying to protect the state school budget as pension costs rise. But will her plan be enough? According to the Oregonian's analysis: no.

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