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Good morning, Portland! We had some victories this weekend: a victory of hoops, and a victory of thrones. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Here are the headlines.

President Pete? Pete Buttigieg, living embodiment of this flag, officially announced his candidacy for president yesterday. He's the first LGBTQ person to do so, ever.

I'm With Ilhan: Trump's race-baiting tweets have caused a spike in death threats against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a woman who does not deserve any of this but is handling it all with grace. Some Democrats were decidedly more quick to respond—and decisive with their words—than others.

Busy in Bangladesh: Nearly a million Rohinga refugees have fled to Bangladesh, leaving Bangladesh scrambling to accommodate them all. For perspective, the US only takes about 50,000 refugees a year.

Wheeler's Words: Mayor Ted Wheeler responded to news that Trump was considering sending undocumented immigrants to live in sanctuary cities—of which Portland is one—with some sharp words. "To put it simply, humans are not pawns," reads Wheeler's statement in part. "This is not a game. These are people’s lives."

The Nose Knows: A 68-year-old woman whose nose was broken by a Portland police officer at a 2017 protest lost her lawsuit against the city last week. "[T]he use of force by PPB on peaceful protesters in Portland is retaliatory, unnecessary, and has had a chilling effect on free speech and assembly in our city and in our state," ACLU legal director Matt dos Santos said after the verdict had been delivered.

Peter, Please: The Multnomah County Democrats voted last week to pass a resolution calling on state Sen Peter Courtney to step down as senate president. They take issue with Courtney's perceived failure to adequately address sexual harassment in the Oregon Legislature.

Congratulations: We've made it to the halfway point of this year's state legislative session! I'll give you a moment to collect yourself and order a cake from Fred Meyer..... Okay, now that you've settled down, read this OPB roundup on what's been accomplished so far, and what we can expect in the second half.

Good News: Shrill, the Portland-set, Aidy Bryant-starring Hulu comedy about a plus-size woman finding her voice at her local alt-weekly (which we promise is not actually the Mercury!) has been renewed for another season. This time around, they get eight episodes, instead of just six.