Veronique de Viguerie / Getty Images

Notre Dame Burns: The spire on top of France's Notre Dame Cathedral is no more. It's still unclear what started the fire that caused the 800-year-old gothic masterpiece to light up, but experts suggest it was accidental. Glenn Beck, on the other hand, jumped to the most extreme conclusion. (What happened to Glenn Beck being a reformed turd? Just a phase? Sigh).

GOP Contender: Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld has become the first Republican presidential candidate to officially announce his intent to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. No one's particularly enthusiastic.

Journalism Christmas! The winners of the Pulitzer Prize have been announced for 2019. See all the winning stories, photos, and books here.

Melinda Gates is Bae: Philanthropy queen gets real about having a shitload of money and still being a good human being: "Sometimes the tech world thinks the solution is to give somebody an app. Well, that’s not going to change everything. 'Let’s create the next thing that tracks my dog' — that’s fun and nice, but come on, there are people dying."

Done With Deadbeat Dads in the Oval Office: Presidential candidates who are also mothers are changing the way we talk about parents in politics. Or at least, they should be.

Speaking of Which: Prez candidate/Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced an impressive plan to protect the United States' public lands and add jobs by brining back the Civilian Conservation Corps. I'm listening.

True Americans: Here's the poly bald eagle family you've been waiting for.

In the Family: Washington investigators have identified the man who shot and killed a Cowlitz County Sheriff’s deputy as the half brother of a man who killed the Rainier Police Chief eight years ago.

Yesterday Was Tax Day! Did you do the thing? Did you pay your Arts Tax? If you're still cluelessly bitter about having to dish out $35 to the city, here's a summary on where those dollars actually go.

Kids Last: An advocacy group has filed a scathing lawsuit against the state for its systemic mistreatment of foster children.