City Employee With Alt-Right Ties Made Coworkers Feel "Unwelcome and Fearful"



I know that there are some great staffers at the City --but it sure does seem like their hiring processes result in a whole lot of obvious sociopaths being employed there.

On the bright side --they said they wanted to educate employees on microaggressions. Sounds like they got it.


Greg Isaacson has been publicly racist, violent, intentionally intimidating, and associated with known fascists in Portland for the last three years. He should be fired immediately.


How did this #pPB #riotCop candidate end up hired into parks&rec when he is a perfect fit to be in the nearly all-white, all-male squad of armored bullies blasting folks in the back of the head with teargas grenades and generally abusing the peaceful protesters? Oh they had a valid excuse, they got so busy coddling #patriotPreyer that it became necessary to attack the crowd so cops could reach their own poorly position patrol/support vehicles. #ChiefOutlaw's fault or she's showy window dressing at the mayor's request or to spite him?


If someone disagrees with you or has a different political view than you, it shouldn't intimidate you. It is distressing to the majority of the public that SJWs have gone so far off the rails. The vast majority of people believe in equality for all. However, most don't believe in policing people's words, beliefs, or political associations. If this man does something intimidating, please fire him. If he believes the earth is flat and is anti-immigration, that is his right as an American.


Very well written article - thorough and balanced with a point.


Interesting that the city releases HR records on current employees in response to public record requests and didnt claim an exemption. Is this policy or some sort of special deal worked out with the Mercury in this 1 case?


“[Isaacson] also smirked at us when we shared and he refused to participate in the small group sharing activity … stating that he has offended a lot of people in his life and he doesn’t care.”
You come across buttholes like him throughout life. Just avoid them at all costs. Sooner, but probably later, he will be canned. I wonder if he has a bunch of gums at home. Something to think about when he does get canned.


Sorry, “guns”, not “gums”, although getting “gummed” can be distasteful!


I've seen this guy out and about a few times and the first time I did, I stopped in my tracks and thought, "my god that dude looks like a smug dipshit" and now I don't have to feel bad about judging a book by its cover.