Hot Lips (Pearl) "Temple of Shroom" Pizza Week Slice

Another successful Portland Mercury Pizza Week has come and gone (and thanks to all the restaurants and hard-working employees who participated), which means it's time to check in with Portland's most devoted Pizza Week fan, Andy Mesa.

For the last four years this gustatory hero has challenged himself to eat every slice on the Pizza Week menu. (See a quick profile on Andy here from KOIN.) This year, according to his reviews, he ate 45 slices of pizza in six days. HOLY CRAP! That alone would be heroic enough (or self-destructive if you're a pessimist), but he also performed a great public service by writing a daily diary on Reddit that reviewed each of the slices he ingested. A tough but fair critic, Andy had a lot to say about what he ate, and if you enjoyed Pizza Week, you should check out his reviews to see if your thoughts matched up with his!

Even better, Andy ranked his top five slices for 2019, and here are a couple of them, starting with #2:

Belly Dance - The Station

A notably smaller slice than last year but what it lacks in size it more than made up for in taste. This is my favorite Mediterranean slice so far. The crust was exceptional, the chickpeas were great, the arugula actually worked thanks to the tahini yogurt dressing, and I didn’t even mind the asparagus, which has been a bane in slices past. I might’ve gone for another if I wasn’t limited to just one.

And his #1 favorite slice:

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Temple of Shroom - Hot Lips Pearl

The fact that I forgot to take a picture of this slice should say something: I was too busy enjoying it. The caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms were friggin' amazing, just that right mix of sweet and savory. The crust was, again, typical of Hot Lips and a little undercooked but this was otherwise my favorite slice of the day.

Check out the rest of his top five as well as his reviews for the other 40 here. Nice work, take some fiber pills, and see you next year, Andy!

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