About two hundred people gathered in Portland's South Waterfront area Wednesday afternoon to protest Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Trump Administration's family border separation policy. The demonstration was heavily monitored by city and federal law enforcement, and attracted a handful of counter-demonstrators from the far-right Vancouver, Washington group Patriot Prayer.

The protest began with an hour-long rally at Elizabeth Caruthers Park, near Oregon Health & Science University's (OHSU) South Waterfront campus. Demonstrators then marched the short distance to an ICE facility on SW Macadam. The protest was organized by Occupy ICE PDX, the same group that organized a long-term demonstration outside the ICE building last year. Demonstrators scheduled the rally to coincide with May Day, or International Workers' Day.

"If you're against ICE, get your ass over here!" yelled one masked organizer at the demonstration's kick-off.

About 10 different people spoke during the hour-long rally at Elizabeth Caruthers Park. They ranged from a 12-year-old middle school student to clergy members to Occupy ICE PDX organizers.

Patriot Prayer members—including leader Joey Gibson—arrived shortly after the event's kickoff. While Patriot Prayer and leftists organizers have clashed at previous protests, today's rally was largely non-confrontational. (Gibson did have a brief dispute with a protestor who attempted to take off his hat, but it simmered down before anyone got physically violent).

During the march to the ICE building, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers repeatedly warned protestors that they were blocking traffic, and anyone who remained in the street would be subject to arrest. They made no arrests.

The warnings continued after protestors arrived at the facility, where dozens of PPB, ICE, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers were stationed.


One demonstrator stood near the police line and played audio of children crying. They said the audio came from immigrant children who had been separated from their families at the border and detained.

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At about 3 pm, protestors did another lap around the South Waterfront area—again being warned by police to get out of the street—and stopped again at the ICE building. Most protesters left around 3:30 to joinanother May Day rally in Holladay Park.

PPB had not reported any violence or arrests as of 4 pm.