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Blair Stenvick

Hello, 2019 Remake of The Bodyguard: The king of Thailand unexpectedly married his bodyguard just days before his coronation, making her queen.

Barr Backs Down: Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made Attorney General William Barr squirm yesterday when pushing to answers about Barr's clunky unveiling of the Mueller Report. He was so shooketh by the scrutiny that Barr's refused to face a House committee for similar questions today.

Unexpectedly Soothing Video of the Day:

Reporting from Gilead: The Department of Homeland Security has begun collecting DNA and fingerprints of migrant families—including kids under the age of 14—to crack down on migrants lying about being related to obtain asylum. Civil rights lawyers are calling foul.

In Other Creepy Data Collection News: Washington County Sheriff’s Office was the first law enforcement agency in the country to use Amazon’s artificial-intelligence tool. Here's what we know (and don't) about how pictures of your face caught on security cameras in Hillsboro is being used.

He's Got Five On It: Mayor Ted Wheeler's released his proposed city budget for the next year. SNORE, right? Wrong! Did you expect your tax dollars and fees to go toward a water taxi called Frog Ferry? Read on.

STOP IT: After a day of peaceful May Day rallies, members of Patriot Prayer (the attention-hungry group of violent, far-right extremists out of Vancouver, Washington) showed up at NE Portland's Cider Riot to throw punches at leftie patrons holding a May Day celebration. Despite being clearly unwelcome at the gathering, members of Patriot Prayer yelled enough hateful taunts (and sprayed enough BEAR MACE) to get lefties out of their seats and into the street to engage in a few weirdly orderly street fights.

No Representation, Please: A wildly fascinating story on how badly the tiny Oregon town Damascus doesn't want to be a city, despite a county judge forcing it to become one.

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And here's Senator Jeff Merkley tweeting at Karamo Brown. The future is now.