Cider Riot is Suing Patriot Prayer and Joey Gibson for May Day Violence



To hell with anyone not from New Hampshire who wears a "Don't Tread on Me" logo. If you aren't from New Hampshire, that isn't your flag, and we will tread on you. And a special groan for the losers who fly the U.S. flag (aka the Union flag) and also a Confederate flag. You have to choose between the winner and the loser's flag. I cannot wait until Joey loses his little real estate investments in Vancouver and the rest of those thugs have judgments against them that will hurt their rental chances. Ha ha ha. Cider Riot's lawsuit is a riot. It cracks me up. Well done. Bite me Joey!


We all owe Cider Riot a thank you. Neo nazis not welcome here.


"Patriot Prayer member began pepper-spraying Cider Riot’s patrons. In self-defense, the
patrons used pepper-spray to repel the Patriot Prayer members." - Sounds like mutual affray between two groups of attention starved morons.


@4 Yes, because self-defense and mutual affray are the exact same thing. If someone steps on your porch, starts calling your wife a bitch and then pepper sprays you, you're just fighting if you defend yourself, right?


What? You mean one party in a fight alleged the other started it? That's unheard of!! There they were, simply having a cider with their bear spray in hand, as one does, when these rapscallions attacked them out of nowhere!! The horror!!



The great thing is, I need neither welcome nor permission. America, what a country!


BTW- you really might want to look up "recourse", it means almost the complete opposite of what you think. Have a fine day.


Lawsuits about money are not enough, these motherfuckers need to go to prison. An hour for a police response to violent conflict? And they wonder why the residents of this city celebrate when they get injured or killed. That street runs both ways.


Who celebrates when police are killed?


People who obviously avoid you like the plague or hate getting stuck at the office watercooler on your break.


Great!! Keep on avoiding me, it works for me.


"There they were, simply having a cider with their bear spray in hand, as one does, when these rapscallions attacked them out of nowhere!!" Yes, because the people who pepper sprayed the patio from the sidewalk were clearly unarmed little fawns. Also, are you questioning the right to carry?


So, you agree? Mutual affray between two groups of attention starved morons.

Also, the right to carry applies to firearms because you have an individual right to firearms, you have no such claim for any other weapon. Which is how the city and state get away with banning weapons like brass knuckles, sap gloves, pepper blasters, blackjack and slappers, etc.


Nope, you have zero individual "right" to any weapon other than firearms.
As for the rest, the video I provided a link to above certainly appears to show the precipitating action that transitioned this event from morons yelling at each to morons pepper spraying each other was a mystery liquid tossed from Cider Riot onto the group in the public right of way. Neither groups' actions were reasonable, but fanatics of any stripe rarely are. So, mutual affray between masked clown posses.